More than a flurry of books, lit mags, and papers cover my desk right now, making the dining table a happy option. I'm starting work on a new set of poem translations this week---waking my vocabulary skills, and piercing the language for something sweet.


Learned a new word today---perfect timing for this photograph's naming. From the OED: "Chiefly poetic. Something resembling the oriflamme of St Denis in colour; (hence) a bright, conspicuous object. In early use chiefly with reference to the colours of a sunrise." So likewise that pacific oriflamme Gleamed brightest in the centre, and each side In … Continue reading Oriflamme


A smile, eyes in bloom, the effortless (but chilly) watching of an October sunrise. I could have put up a photo of opals instead for this metaphor. Happy Halloween!


Maybe these were the baby sparrows hatched in the nest that's still nestled under the porch roof. They hung around for a long time chatting. I like to revisit my old places too--- poems that come along then are a kind of chat, with an old self, or with time itself. I'm reading some poetry … Continue reading Revisit


Way up in the rigging, near the sails, high above deck and swinging out over water. I recently rejoined the masthead at Numéro Cinq Magazine, where I've contributed poetry, reviews, essays, and translations over the past two years. Grateful for my post in the literary winds with this smart and clear-sighted group of editors and writers.