What next

Where this pandemic will take us all next is always difficult to see. Who expected this second round of Covid19 in India would be so dangerous and heartbreaking. While everyone is doing their best under the circumstances, we can’t help but wonder what should have been done. We can only work with what we have … Continue reading What next

Beautiful numbers

pi day song - Observing sometimes means counting. How many times over, or how many iterations, repetitions in a pattern—these details are necessary to an act of keen artistic understanding. Time spent observing, letting the eye circle its shrine while interiorly circumambulating the heart’s concerns, isn’t counted. In fact, it puts time back into your … Continue reading Beautiful numbers


Riverside high tide It’s a state of mind. Empty and ready to face the don’t-know-what’s-next feeling with patience. My students have written some amazing poems so far this year. Maybe it’s because feelings can’t be helped these days, and a creative opening can help.


Roses named "Midnight Blue" tipping toward the noon-time sky. Revelations of pink! And I just passed the 25th canto of Paradiso in my slow reading of The Divine Comedy. I don't miss Inferno anymore. Also reading Breton's Conversations: The Autobiography of Surrealism. Finally getting the backstory on art as I know it.


I live here now, the place Edward Hopper grew up and painted in his realism. On the Friends of the Nyacks walking tour yesterday, we caught sight of it, the slight shift between the real thing and the painting---inspiration's mark. It's not in the photo, you'll have to imagine in the white sails...