Center stage

At last night's benefit performance of Indian classical dance by the students and teacher at my daughter's dance school, Naatya Ranga Performing Arts, all the young dancers' talent and hard work delighted a packed auditorium. Poetry took the stage, too, with poets Meerabai and Andal serving as inspiration for two of the dances. I wish someone would post their videos … Continue reading Center stage

Exquisite memory

Our collaborative poems in last night's salon bloomed like cacao flowers, right out of the bark of memory's tree. Sending out my gratitude and love to everyone who shared in this summer's literary salons, making the evenings so beautiful with your words---   1 For her faux leather Louis Vuitton bag, which was not Louis Vuitton and her "Music Box Dancer" ringtone, … Continue reading Exquisite memory

Stone carved

The blank page is a wide open gate. I loved coordinating the Vermont College of Fine Arts writing residency in Slovenia this month. The Karst region and this church at Hrastovlje, among other sites, have captivated my poem-making since. The Slovenian writers we met shared beautiful stories and poems. Here's a link to some of the glories---poems by Alenka … Continue reading Stone carved


Learned a new word today---perfect timing for this photograph's naming. From the OED: "Chiefly poetic. Something resembling the oriflamme of St Denis in colour; (hence) a bright, conspicuous object. In early use chiefly with reference to the colours of a sunrise." So likewise that pacific oriflamme Gleamed brightest in the centre, and each side In … Continue reading Oriflamme