Pure poetry

One of my students sent me some snow-day poems. And that has made all the difference. We work on some images, phrases. While storms rush through and it becomes increasingly painful to read the newspaper every day, one wonders how else to support the growth of love and hope in this world. And then through … Continue reading Pure poetry

Fluid meditation

It had not acquired one permanent wrinkle after all its ripples. ---Henry David Thoreau In poetry, circumambulating an object is the same as walking into the center of it. These two---poetry and walking near water---are my favorite ways into the deeps. And keeping a poetry notebook next to my busy life has become that necessary shortcut to serenity.


Investigating the ice on Rockland Lake this weekend, we concluded that walking on water is the coolest. The shadows we cast illuminated the strangeness of the surface: opaquely reflective and permeable at the same time. Lately I've been investigating my children's understanding of poetry. Though my older two don't engage with me in writing anymore … Continue reading Surface


Sometimes watching the dark and the great burning sky every day are all the poetry I'd ever want. My children are off to school this week after a long, sweet summer. This photograph is at the beach in St. Joseph, Michigan.